Professional Development Track: Green Chemistry Basics and Examples from Industry

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Shaw, Salon 3

Led by Prof. Andrew Dicks, University of Toronto

This workshop will teach participants the basics of green chemistry, using case studies from chemical industry and chemistry-based start-ups to show how these core concepts are utilized in real-world chemical processes and products. Attendees will learn about green chemistry resources such as metrics, solvent selection guides, and the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. The prevalence of green chemistry and sustainability principles throughout industry will be highlighted. The workshop will also point out the professional development benefits that can be gained by students who are interested in finding ways to incorporate green chemistry into their own research or education, which can be applied to various future chemistry careers.


Pre-registration for this event is sold out. Priority will be given to pre-registered attendees, but drop-ins are welcome to the Sunday workshops if there is space available.


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